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If you are planning on Home Educating (home schooling) your child(ren), please complete the Home Education Notification Form.  This form must be submitted within 5 days of beginning your Home Education program.

Home Education Notification Form

If your child is currently enrolled in school you will also need to notify that school and complete any withdrawal paperwork they may require. Your child remains enrolled in the school until the effective date listed on your Home Education Notification form.

Waiver of Annual Educational Evaluation of Home Education Programs for the 2019-2020 School Year


From the Department of Education:

Notification of Commencement of a Home Education Program
Parent(s) commencing a home education program for a child must notify the commissioner of the department of education, resident district superintendent, OR principal of a nonpublic school.
Homeschooling programs already established are NOT legally required to notify the commissioner of the department of education, resident district superintendent, OR principal of a nonpublic school for future school years except as provided below.
Notification IS required for students between the ages of 6 and 18 years if:

  • Establishing a Home Education Program for the first time;
  • Establishing a Home Education Program for a child who turns six on or before September 30 (see N.H. compulsory attendance law: RSA193:1); or
  • Moving a Home Education Program out of one school district and into a different school district.

The New Hampshire Department of Education has issued a Technical Advisory which can be found at:

Whether you notify the commissioner of the department of education, resident district superintendent, OR principal of a nonpublic school, the required notification of commencement of a Home Education Program. Notification of establishment of a Home Education Program is only required one time—not annually.

Notification of Termination of a Home Education Program

Written notice of termination of a home education program shall be filed by the parent with the Commissioner of Education, the superintendent of the local school district, or the head of a nonpublic school within 14 days of termination. 

Transfer of Home Education Program

 A home education program established in accordance with [Ed 315.04] shall remain in effect unless terminated in accordance with [Ed 315.04(m)]. If a program is transferred because of a change in resident district for the child or by choice of the parent, the program shall continue under the new participating agency. The following shall apply to transfer of home education programs:

(1) If the child moves and the parent wishes to continue a program which was established with the former resident district superintendent as the participating agency and selects the new resident district superintendent as the new participating agency, the parent shall so inform both superintendents in writing;

(2) In any other case, both the participating agency with which the program was established and the new participating agency shall be informed in writing by the parent; and

(3) In either (1) or (2) above, upon notification in writing by the parent of a change in participating agencies, the former participating agency shall transfer all pertinent records to the new participating agency.


For more information on Home Education in New Hampshire, please visit: 

Home Education, Department of Education

Parents are encouraged to forward their Home Education questions to:

Mary Bulger
SAU #44 Administrative Assistant
23A Mountain Avenue, Northwood, NH 03261

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