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School Administrative Unit 44 provides administrative support for the educational professionals of the Northwood School District.

Visit us at: 

23A Mountain Avenue
Northwood, NH 03261
Phone: 603-942-1290
Fax: 603-942-1295

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Office of the Superintendent:

Nathaniel Byrne

603-942-1290 Ext 205
Email Nate Byrne

Mary Bulger
Administrative Assistant/Webmaster
603-942-1290 Ext 201
Email Mary Bulger

Aaron Stanley
Technology Coordinator
603-942-1290 Ext 207
Email Aaron Stanley

Business Office/Human Resources:

Christine Blouin
Business Administrator/Human Resources Administrator
603-942-1290 Ext 210
Email Christine Blouin

Janice Coffill
Payroll/Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
603-942-1290 Ext 202
Email Janice Coffill

Deb Wheeler
Grants Management
603-942-1290 Ext 215
Email Deb Wheeler

Student Services:

Jill LaVallee
Director of Student Services/Preschool/Child Find Coordinator
603-942-1290 Ext. 212
Email Jill La Vallee

Jarrod Hougton
Alt. Education Facilitator 
Email Jarrod Houghton

Debbie Lee
Student Services Administrative Assistant – Northwood School
603-942-5488 Ext 105
Email Debbie Lee