Occupational/Physical Therapy

Hello parents and families of Northwood School! Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Department!

Occupational therapists, also known as “OTs”, who work in the school setting focus on improving fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, daily living skills, and sensory processing/self regulation skills. Children who receive direct OT services have been identified through the special education system. I am always available to support and consult with all of the teachers.

Students who receive occupational therapy at school may have…

  • Difficulty with handwriting or pencil grip
  • Decreased fine motor (hand/finger) strength for classroom activities, such as cutting or coloring
  • Motor coordination delays or motor planning difficulties
  • Muscle weakness, for example: trouble maintaining an upright posture during tabletop activities or poor pencil grip
  • Visual processing difficulties in the classroom
  • Difficulty with self regulation in the classroom, for example: a child who is distractible, impulsive, has trouble staying seated, is sensitive to sensory input, and/or has trouble staying on task.
  • Difficulty with school related self care skills, such as managing school materials and organizing his/her work space

If you have any questions or OT related concerns, I can be reached by email at hcrowley@northwood.k12.nh.us.