Technical Support Office

Steve Robert

Steve Robert, Technology Director

Mr. Robert's Weekday Schedule

In the Office 7:30AM-5PM  
On call till 8PM
Weekends 10AM-5PM (might be a couple hours to get back to you)

The Technology Office is always available for emergencies via email for support issues.  Regular support hours are 7:30AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri.  also I am in the school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday most weeks in order to perform repairs and maintain on site systems.  I can make arrangememnts to swap computers that need to be worked on either at the school via the courtyard entrance or I can drive to your residence to make the switch.  Please note that all requests for service need to go through the email system.  if there is an emergency or if you would rather ask a question over the phone, my support number is 462-2027.  If you need to leave a message it will go directly to my voice mail.  If I call you back on a day I am not in the office, the call will be coming from (978) 384-6282.