603 Bright Futures Survey

The New Hampshire Department of Education has partnered with Panorama Education to roll out the 603 Bright Futures Survey.  This survey offers an opportunity for you to have your voice heard as the NHDOE seeks to gather actionable feedback around learning models, school climate, family and community engagement, and other topics in order to understand the successes and challenges of the recent school year and plan for the upcoming 2022-2023 year.


The 603 Bright Futures Survey is also how schools will gather their Special Education Family data in support of the NHDOE’s federal reporting for Indicator 8 related to parent engagement.


The survey window runs from March 14th through April 29th.  Use the links below to begin.


•Families in K-12, preschool and private schools: Family-Survey

•Staff in public and private schools: Staff-Survey

•Community members: Community-Survey