Northwood School Welcomes A Therapy Dog!

We have a new member joining our Laker Team: Meet Nova! Nova is a certified therapy dog team with our third grade teacher, Ms. Bilodeau. Nova and Ms. Bilodeau spent 8 months training with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs company which allows her to be insured and able to go into schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Research shows that the inclusion of therapy dog teams in classroom settings has a beneficial effect on student learning, increasing positive emotions, promoting engagement in learning activities, how to approach dogs, and so much more. Students will see her in the hallways throughout our school and she will be making visits to their classrooms. No one will be forced to approach Nova, they may even find her calmness as a dog helps the to face their fear of animals.

Ms. Bilodeau and Nova have been in communication with the nurse in regards to students who have allergies and will continue to do so.

Read this article to learn all about the amazing work she did at her last elementary school in Mechanic Falls, ME.  

If parents or guardians have any questions or concerns about your child interacting with Nova (e.g., allergies or anxiety), please contact Ms. Young.