November 22, 2019

Helpful Ways To Talk With Your Child About School

I remember going home and my mom asking me “how was school?” to which my reply was usually “good” or “fine.” As parents, I’m sure you want to hear more than an automated response as they spend 6½ hours a day at school! A great way to keep your child’s interest in school is being actively engaged in their learning. By posing a well crafted question you could spur on a wealth of information! Some great places to get question topics would be teachers' websites, Northwood School Twitter page, or our Northwood School home page. How much fun would it be to have your child come home, teach you about what they learned, and then create your own fun at home?!? Here are strategic questions to ask if your child is quiet or shy. This article goes more in-depth on how to support your child through school and how to show interest without stifling the development of their identity. Please take a look at these two helpful articles on how to avoid the dreaded “school was fine” answer.