January 17, 2020

Emergency Planning

In accordance wtih state law, Northwood School has an emergency operations plan to guide the school's response to a number of potential hazardous situations. Over the last few years, the Safety Team has been working to revise and improve each section of the plan using guidelines and feedback from the Department of Homeland Security. This year, the team's work has focused on planning for events that interfere with regular dismissal procedures and require students to be reunited with their families using different procedures. This process, called "reunification," could occur here at school or at an altnerate location depending on the circumstances. In the coming weeks, we will be providing more information for families about the reunification process via email.

Northwood School's emergency planning process has been greatly enhanced by the participation and collaboration of school staff and local agencies. We are very appreciative of the contributions and input provided by Northwood Police, Northwood Fire, and Northwood Emergency management personnel. Thank you also to our staff members who serve on the Safety Team!